The history of my family’s company ‘Foto-Słońce’ (’photo-sun) reaches the turn between 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century, when my father opened a photographic workshop in Brześć (by the Bug river).
Soon after liberation of Wrocław, in 1945, my father established first workshop in that completely ruined city. It was placed, where nowadays it is ‘Monopol’ hotel at Świdnicka street.

The first photographic workshop in Wrocław city after the war,
spring 1946

 At first services included amateur and professional photos, document’s photocopies and reproductions.
At the end of 40’s company had already been doing chemigraphy, porcelain medallion portraits and producing postcards.
Next years of company’s history feature twice change of place and partial restrictions of services. Since 1968, till 2008, workshop has been placed in the backyard of the ‘Teatr Kameralny’ theatre.
I took over the company after my parents in 1985. In 1991 I developed advertisement services in my company and changed its name to ‘ Studio Reklamy i Fotografii Cyfrowej AM BEST’(’ Advertisement and Digital Photographic Studio AM BEST’).
Currently company is localised at Zapaśnicza St. (no. 2) , Wrocław city, Poland. Out of very different services from the past, only chemigraphy and advertisement services are still managed.





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